Everyday Etiquette 

A man should open the door for a woman and see her in. Then he should walk around to the driver's side. When arrive, he should get out and walk round the car, open the door and help her out. This also applies when man and woman are taking a taxi. And a younger person should open door for an older person. 

If you want to attract the attention of a waiter, never shout, bang table or snap your finers. Use eye contact when he looks over, or raise a hand. It is ok to ask if the service charge is included in the bill. A 10-15% of the bill is usual. When you are engaged in a conversation, you don't have to say 'thank you' when he clears the table. 

In Opera and Ballet, applaud at the end of each scene and at the end of the performance. It is customary to applaud at the end of a ballet solo or special dance. In opera, only begin to appaud when the last note of music has completely die away. 

Turn off or switch to silent mode when in public transport. Lower your voice when speak in the public. Should not pick a annoying ringtone. 

Switch off mobile and keep it away from dining table and meeting. Do not shout. Do not text, browse when walk in street. When visit someon e’s home for the first time, you should ask for WiFi password immediately. 

There is a rule in London's 426 underground escalators : stand on right and walk on left. But this might be different in some countries. Do not carry big objects that could block the way. To avoid accident, do not text or browse mobile internet. 

At work place, only use social media such as Facebook at break time, and be discrete in what you post, better use your mobile rather than your desk PC. Only use the professional media site such as LinkedIn for work related posts. Put on a smile when you talk to a client on phone. 

In networking events and cocktail reception, hold your drink and paper napkin with your left hand so you can shake hand with other people with your dry warm right hand. Avoid difficult food such olives. Eat before you go because food is secondary, you don't want to impress others with a 'hungry' image. 

In a buffet, do not swim upstream and you should find out where is the end of the queue. Do not put all courses in a plate or pile up food, better make several trips. Hold the plate with your left hand and get food with your right hand. Keep your distance from the person in front of you. Make seperate trips for drinks and dessert. 

If you are invited to a private dinner party at home, do not arrive earlier unless the host has asked. Bring some small gifts such as bouquet, chocolate or a bottle of wine. Always send Thank-You message or write a card afterwards, though you had thanked her/him after the dinner on the night. 

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