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Do you want to be more confident, charming and likable? we can certainly help you to have the manners of a lady or gentleman, what you need is a decision. Confidence comes from knowing the right things to do.  We offer guidance and bespoke  training  programmes  to help you better understand people, to have better relationship  and  to get better results in all things you do. The courses are educational, practical and yet full of fun. 


We have worked with a wide variety of people and impacted their lives and careers. Our students are with different cultural backgrounds, and many of them are foreigners and tourists. 


The School is an organizational member of the UK Association for Coaching, a leading professional body promoting best practice and raising standards of coaching worldwide.  The courses are approved and supported by London Art & Business College. The principles that govern etiquette are based on awareness of others and respect. 


Knowledge of etiquette and good  manners will open doors of opportunity for you.We believe in kindness, grace and gving. 


English & Int'l Social Etiquette

Modern Business Etiquette

Dining Etiquette & Social Events

Etiquette for the Young 

           Image Consulting            Styling and Grooming         Deportment Lesson 

British Art of Life 

Our Latest Workshops, Training, Seminar and Events...

Find out what's new here. There are updated information of our monthly workshops, training programmes and planned events. 


For private lessons and tailored corporate training programmes, please contact us. 

Find out etiquette tips for main festive days of the year here. From New Year's Eve to Christmas, the festive tips can surely help you to enjoy the holidays more and to impress.


If you have any questions of etiquette, been in a difficult or confusing situation, please simply send us your question. Ms Etiquette will try her best to advise. 

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