Etiquette Quiz 

Please choose one answer only. 

  1. You should offer a handshake to the Queen when she arrives.   A. Yes   B. No
  2. When a man is accompanied with a woman, who should walk in the street side?          A. Woman   B. Man
  3. The dress code Black Tie means men wearing a black neck tie.  A. Yes  B. No
  4. Usually people make the first impression of one person in 5 minutes.  A. Yes  B. No
  5. You can rest a soup spoon in the soup bowl when finish.  A. Yes  B. No
  6. High tea means tea for upper class people. Low tea mean tea for working class or poor people.  A. Yes  B. No
  7. In cocktail party, it is better to hold the glass with your right hand.  A. Yes  B. No
  8. With English manner, I can cut food into pieces then use my right hand to eat with a fork.  A. Yes B. No
  9. I must say thank-you when a waiter clears my table.   A. Yes  B. No
  10. The bread plate is always placed to the right hand side.  A. Yes. B. No.
  11. Always hold a wine glass by the bowl.  A. Yes  B. No
  12. Deportment cannot be obtained by training and exercise.   A. Yes.  B. No
  13. Usually people make the first impression of one person in 5 minutes.  A. Yes  B. No
  14. In formal dining, it is ok to place mobile, purse, vitamins and medication,  and small stuff on table.  A. Yes  B. No
  15. In a business meeting, your nametag should be placed on the ? side of your body.        A. left  B. Right  C. Middle


(The correct answers are B. The above questions are just a small part of the 365 etiquette Dos and Don’ts. To find our more and know the reason why, please join our classes and workshops.) 

True or False? Some stereotypes of British People. 

  1. They love tea. They could drink it all bloody day.
  2. They are all English.
  3. They are  all related to the royal family and speak like the Queen.
  4. They love to celebrate Royal occasions.
  5. Their national cuisine isn't especially refined.
  6. They do, have a serious nationwide problem with alcohol.
  7. The British countryside really IS beautiful.
  8. A lot of their architecture really look like Downton Abbey.
  9. The British queue for everything.
  10. They are Bad at Foreign Languages
  11. The UK doesn’t have as much worldwide cultural impact as the USA.
  12. All football fans are hooligans.
  13. They are ridiculously polite...they apologise a lot...
  14. They all have terrible teeth.
  15. They are obsessed with the class system. 

How British Are You? 

This is an interesting story published on 28th September 2015 in Daily Express. 


For everyone hoping to become a British citizen a test of knowledge about our nation’s history and culture is compulsory. But Bill Bryson has revealed that he was so terrified of getting the answers wrong that he put his application on hold for 20 years.


The American-born author of a string of best-selling books such as A Walk In The Woods, now a film starring Robert Redford, admits: “I was always too cowardly to do it.


1. Which of the following is a member of the band One Direction? a) Jeremy Corbyn; b) Harry Styles: c) Gary Lineker; d) Robbie Williams; e) Prince Charles.


2. What is the most useful item to pack for a British seaside holiday? a) Picnic blanket; b) umbrella; c) bucket and spade; d) windbreaker; e) sunglasses.


3. Much to our dismay Britain has not won the esteemed Eurovision song contest since 1997. But which act memorably lifted the trophy that year?


a) John And Norma Major; b) Katrina And The Waves; c) The Teletubbies; d) Oasis; e) The Shadow Cabinet.


4. If someone who is not looking where they are going barges into you what do you exclaim? a) Hey! Watch out you clumsy oaf; b) I’m terribly sorry; c) Ouch!; d) Oh, I say; e) Scream a torrent of obscenities.


5. A British team is about to compete in a football tournament overseas. A workmate asks how you think it will go. What do you reply?


a) Oh, we’re bound to win; b) We will almost certainly lose to Germany on penalties; c) We should just take one game at a time; d) We’ll be home before the postcards; e) I prefer Strictly.


6. What should you/your husband or partner wear on your/ his head if you are invited to a posh wedding?


a) Baseball cap; b) Top hat; c) Peaked cap worn back to front; c) Deerstalker; d) Panama hat; e) A pair of joke Mickey Mouse ears.


7. Where should you join a bus queue? a) Anywhere you like; b) At the back; c) Just form another one so you are at the front; d) In front of the meekest looking person; e) What’s a queue?


8. Who is Jeremy Clarkson? a) The Prime Minister; b) A politically incorrect television presenter; c) The chairman of the BBC; d) A racing car driver; e) One of the Spice Girls.


9. You are organising a night out for some British friends. What’s most likely to go down well? a) An evening at the opera; b) A ridiculously spicy curry and six pints of strong lager; c) A few coffees and a chat about politics; d) A trip to the cinema to see a blockbuster; e) Invite them round to watch EastEnders.


10. What happened in 1066?


a) The Liberal Democrats last won a general election; b) The Battle of Hastings was fought between King Harold and William the Conqueror; c) Sir Elton John was born; d) Newcastle United won the FA Cup; e) The first James Bond film was released.


11. Which of the following are the Queen’s two oldest children?


a) Beyoncé and Madonna: b) Charles and Anne; c) Tony and Cherie; d) Paul and Ringo; e) Sid and Nancy.


12. The middle lane of a motorway is designed for:


a) Driving as close as you can to the vehicle in front; b) Overtaking; c) Seeing how fast your car will actually go; d) Dawdling at 50 miles per hour and refusing to budge no matter what; e) Parking.


13. You are walking down the street and a stranger bids you a cheery “good morning”.


What should you do? a) Automatically clutch your purse/wallet tighter; b) Smile and reply with exactly the same words; c) Run like mad; d) Keep your eyes firmly glued to the floor and walk on, saying nothing; e) Look at the other person as if he/ she has gone absolutely mad.


14. What is the House of Lords? a) A fancy department store in London; b) The upper chamber of the British Parliament; c) That new restaurant we’ve been meaning to try for ages; d) A retirement home; e) A trendy pop music venue.


15. Who won the Battle of Waterloo in 1815? a) British Rail; b) The Duke of Wellington; c) Simon Cowell; d) The Duke of Edinburgh; e) Nigel Farage.


16. Which of the following is a work written by William Shakespeare? a) Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone; b) The Taming Of The Shrew; c) 50 Shades Of Grey; d) Five Go On An Adventure; e) The Da Vinci Code.


17. What are The Ashes? a) A boy band; b) A cricket competition against Australia: c) A David Bowie track; d) Something you scatter; e) Another name for barbecued food.


18. Which of the following is a much-loved British children’s TV character? a) Ed Miliband; b) Sweep; c) Prince Edward; d) Mary Berry; e) Sir Edmund Hillary.




(YOUR SCORE: You have answered mostly a, c or e: Oh dear, it’s back to Brit finishing school for you. You have answered a mixture of b and d: Not too shabby.) 

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