Image Matters 

Looking good is importan to most people but, image is more than looking good. 


People always make assumptions based on limited information, they proceed. That is how others see you, what they think about you, the impression they form of you. This perception may not be right, but sadly it is reality. 


The good news is, both individuals and companies can experience tremendous benefits by improving their image. Our professional image consultants can advise individuals and companies about their images, making a difference hence people become more confident and charming, opening new doors in their careers and personal lives. 


We usually include the following in our etiquette courses: 

image Vs impression 

body types and body shapes 

know your personal styles

colour analysis

deportment - how to stand, walk, sit

grooming ans styling tips

body language  

About Image Consulting

Here's what an image consultant does or what she / he can offer or help. 

image analysis

Giving the client feedback on the overall image they are projecting and helping   them develop a new image. 

    wardrobe  analysis 

Reviewing the client's current wardrobe, determining what should be discarded or purchased, and coordinating outfits.

colour analysis

Advising the clients which colour they should wear, to best suit their life stlye and bring out their personalities. Colour can really make a diffenernce. 

makeup analysis

Coaching or consulting on other specific aspects of physical appereance such as skin care, hairstyle, basic makeup skill , accessorizing, etc. 

       vocal communication 

Coaching and consulting on voice, grammar, vocabulary, more importantly, how to speak politely and diplomatically, use proper and elegant llanguage to form good impression. 

     non-verbal  communication

Coaching on body language such as gestures, posture, how to stand, walk and sit properly. 

           personal shopping 

Buying clothings or other items for the clients, choosing the right colour palette and style for them. The consultant's expertise and fashion experience will help clients find stylish and flattering clothes that fit their body types, personalities, life style and budget.

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