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       1. What is the difference between good manners and etiquette?

Good manners always place other people’s interest and benefit before one’s, making other people comfortable and not feeling offended. Etiquette has all aspects of good manners, with subtle nuances and time-honoured forms.


       2. What should I do if I drop my fork in a formal dinner?

Well, do not try to retreive it by yourself. With your eye contact you call the serving staff over and ask for a new fork. But if this happens in a private dinner at someone's home, you will pick it up and then the host will give you a new one


       3. Do you only teach English etiquette?

Not only English. We believe that people need to adapt to modern social changes, especially when the world is becoming a global village. We will demonstrate the English and International(and American), so the students may be confident and successful in different social occasions. We also share with students with our experiences and tips in daily or business lives. The content is comprehensive, from formal protocol to interview tips, dating etiquette, etc.....


      4. What methods do you use in teaching?

The teaching is interactive. Teachers will teach and demonstrate with role-play, power points, videos and film clips, and hand-on practice with students.


      5. What language you use in teaching? 

Mainly English. We have many students and demand from the Asia market (mainly Chinese, Japanese and Korean). Translators are hired in some courses. In fact, the teacher’s body language and the presentation visual aids are adequate even if your English is limited. When we teach in overseas, we use translators. 


      6. I am going to honeymoon next week. Should I buy prensents for everyone in my


You don't have to. But you can bring something that everybody can share, such as a box of sweet or chocolate, or some cookies of that country. But if you have one or two colleagues who are very close, then you can give them some presents in private.


      7. Do you provide private lessons or custom made courses?

Yes we do. This is our strength because we are very flexible. We will also deliver courses in specific venues, such as your office, schools, restaurants, hotels, etc. Additional travel cost will apply if the venues are outside London. 


     8. Will I have a certificate if I successfully complete the courses?

We have a certificate of completion specifying the course you have attended. An quiz of multiple choice of 50 questions will be given to you at the end of the course. Usually the students are able to pass.


     9. When I have registered and paid, is it refundable or changeable?

Literally not, unless the class is cancelled by us for special reasons. The cancellation terms is 14 days prior the course start date. Or you may attend the next available course, or choose other subjects, within a 12-month period. Individual students will be fully refunded if they cancel 14 days before the course starts. But this does not apply to group bookings. 


     10. What do I need to bring to the class?

A learning attitude. There are always something you don't know. Pens, pads, notes sheets and some written information will be provided in class.  There is no specific dress code for the courses, but sometimes it requests casual smart or bringing along formal evening dresses for some sessions to enhance the experience.


     11. I want to thank the host with a toast. When shall I do that?

Traiditionally, the first toast is offered by the host as a welcome to guests. If there is a guest of honour, then he or she will propose the toast too.  You better wait until the last course to offer your toast. 


     12. Do you teach children and students?

Yes we do. We have special classes for children, it covers daily social etiquette and table manner. The main purpose is to teach them to respect others and to be polite. For younger children age from 4 – 12, parents usually attend the class with them.  We also have special classes for students in summer holiday. 


     13. How often you run classes?

We have General Social & Dining Etiquette class every month. The size of the class is about 15- 20 students. There are always workshops and seminars for small groups. Tailored courses are provided based on clients’ special request. 


     14. I want to send a Christmas card to my muslim colleauge but I am afriad that he

          would be offened. What should I do ?

Well, simply choose a card with 'Season's Greetings'. 


     15. In a buffet, with which hand shall I hold my plate when getting food ?

You should hold your plate with your left hand and take food with your right hand. But if you are left-handed, same rule still  applies if there are people around you at the food table. 


     16. My friend's brother is job hunting and he has passed on his CV to me, asking for a

           favour to pass it on to my company's HR to secure an interview. I don't know his  

           brother well but can't refuse, what should I do?

Yes this happens sometimes. You can still forward his CV to your HR, without writing any recommendation, just say: I have been asked to forward this for your consideration. Later you can adknowledge him that  the decision is HR's. 

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